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Requesting Information
*Requesting Company

Contact Information
*Last Name
*First Name
*State / Province
Zip Code / Postal Code

SS7 Provider Information
 State / Province
 Zip Code / Postal Code

Operations Center Contact Information
*Contact Name
*Telephone Number

Network Information: Specify total number
*Number of signaling points in Network
* List previously assigned network codes or signaling point code blocks
If none, enter none
*Number of point code blocks requested
*State/Territory where switch is physically located
Will the network codes be operational within one year?

There is a non-refundable ($200 US) application fee for each application processed.

The submission of this form certifies that the above information requesting a CCS code assignment is true and accurate to the best of the applicant's knowledge, and that it has been prepared in accordance with the CCS Code Administration Guidelines.

This application form must be completed by any applicant wishing to secure an SS7 point code assignment and submitted to the SS7 point code administrator. The assignment will be made in conformance with the CCS Code Administration Guidelines described in ANSI T1.111.8, Normative Annex A.

Enter the requesting company name where indicated. Enter all contact information where indicated. Enter the name of the service provider from which you obtain SS7 functionality. Enter the operations center contact information where indicated.

Enter the number of signaling points in the network you are requesting the code for, and the number of point code blocks requested. Each block consists of four codes. Point code blocks are assigned on a state specific basis, so be sure to specify the state or territory where the switch is physically located. Check whether the network codes requested will be operational within one year.

This application must be completed when requesting point codes for Signaling System 7 Networks located within the North American Numbering Plan. For international point codes, contact Cathy Hsu of the FCC on 202-418-2114.


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